If you are an animal lover then being a veterinarian can be a very rewarding choice for you. In this profession, you can take care of the well-being of all animals, give them medical care and also nurture them. 

This job is highly rewarding and you often get to work with different species of animals and ensure they get the best medical treatment. To pursue this profession, you have to apply to a veterinary school where you will be given valuable education. 

Caribbean vet school are a great choice for students who are keen to become vets. They offer high-quality education at an affordable price which makes them a popular option for veterinarian students. There are several factors that make vet school in the Caribbean an excellent place to start your journey as a veterinarian. 

Cost-effective quality education 

While being a veterinary doctor is an excellent career choice that is highly respected and equally well-paying, the cost of vet schools is often high. This prevents many eligible students from pursuing their dream job but Caribbean Vet Schools bring you the best education at affordable prices. 

Studying in the Caribbean ensures that you get a high-quality education without worrying about financial constraints. Vet schools on the island offer the best veterinary medical curriculum that helps students progress further in their careers. Unlike the U.S. where this program can cost you nearly $275,000 according to Nerdwallet, the Caribbean Medical School are way more affordable. 

Recognised learning 

Medical and vet schools in the Caribbean are becoming immensely popular in the past few years because of the high-quality learning they offer and also because of the value that their accredited programs carry. 

The best vet schools in the Caribbean are recognised and affiliated with popular institutions. This brings value to the education and degree that they offer and it also helps students progress further in their career. 

High NAVLE pass rate

The North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) is highly important for anyone who is planning to practice veterinary medicine in the U.S. or Canada. You have to pass this crucial exam to gain your license and go further in your career.

Clearing this exam is by no means an easy feat as it lasts for nearly 7.5 hours and has around 360 multiple-choice questions. Designed to test your knowledge of veterinary concepts, this exam needs rigorous training, which is what you will gain at a Caribbean vet school. The curriculum at the vet school along with the training that is given by faculty members ensures that students are completely prepared to clear the NAVLE exam. 

Studying at the Caribbean 

Another wonderful reason why you must pack your bags and move to the Caribbean to study veterinary medicine is the place itself. The Caribbean Island are rich in scenic beauty with lush greenery, beautiful beaches, warm locals and a whole lot of delicacies to try. 

The peaceful environment is perfect for studying a rigorous curriculum as you get to spend a lot of time in quaint nature. Students can easily take a break from their studies to enjoy a long walk, engage in some adventure sport like snorkelling and more or just spend some time at the beach.