International business entails all commercial activities involved with the transfer of economic resources, goods, services, people, capital, ideas and technologies across national boundaries.International business happens as per following formats:

  • Import, Exports & trade involving movement of goods from one country to another
  • Licensing, Franchisee model involving contractual agreements that will allow foreign firms to utilizeprocesses, products& services from other countries
  • Having manufacturing, sales operations, research and development along with distribution in foreign markets

Skills required forInternational Business Course:

  • Excellent language, communication & listening skills:When you work with people from various countries with different cultures &backgrounds, one of the most significant business skill you need is the capability to communicate your message precisely, clearly and professionally. Foreign language skill –German, Spanish, Japanese etc. along with communication & listening skills are most valuable in this discipline.You must research and understand cultural nuances along with ways to communicate. You must be open minded and must employ diplomacy, sensitivity besides showing respect & appreciating differences in culture & tradition.

Furthermore, you must be a good & patient listener since language barrier along with cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and mistrust.

  • Networking Capabilities:In order to setup international business, you are required to network with governments, local businesses, local authorities, Local unions, vendors etc. You must use your networking skills, diplomacy and tact to connect and build long-term meaningful relationships with the who’s who of the country that can be leveraged for successful International business.
  • Emotional Intelligence: This is a critical skill and is defined by an individual’s aptitude to perceive, identify, evaluate and manage others’ as well as their own emotions. In International business, you are required to be self aware and stay calm in high pressure and at times precarious situations. You must, at all times, display a strong sense of empathy & problem solving ability, which along with interpersonal skills will facilitate in forming strong connections with people.
  • Resilience:Mistakes, failures and setbacks are unavoidable especially when you are working in different time zones, across different business units and cultures. Rather than giving up and feeling defeated, you should learn from setbacks, face challenges and overcome them.
  • Collaboration: Your empathy, humility to allow others to take lead and share credit for successalong withability to collaborate with colleagues from other cultures will earn you trust and also endear you to get things done.
  • Creativity& Adaptive Thinking: You must display adaptive skills along with creative skills to think innovatively, re-evaluate problems to gauge opportunities, so as to be never bogged down by pressure. This will facilitate in thought–out decision making, thus much sought-after skill in international business.

International business course:

  • The curriculum must offer comprehensive theoretical as well as practical knowledge about international business.
  • The course must equip students with proficiencies in International Business Strategy, Fundamentals of business management, International Project Management, ‘Global Consumer Insights, Trade and Consultancy in Practice, International Money and Finance and Sustainable Development. ​

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