If you’re someone who looks at paper ads and immediately spots bad alignment, graphics or color choices, you may have eyes for becoming a successful advertising graphic designer. As the name suggests, advertising graphic designers design advertisements in all mediums and formats – paper, digital or otherwise. They play a prime role in informing and inspiring customers, which makes them an essential part of any business’s success. And more often than not, they are paid handsomely as well.

So, how does one become an advertising graphic designer? Read on to find out.

  1. Polish Your Skills

You are a perfect fit for an advertising graphic design role if you are adept at design and storytelling and understand how colors affect audience psychology. However, to distinguish yourself in this industry, you need to master the following skills:

  • Color theory
  • Communication skills
  • Computerized sketching
  • Audience targeting
  1. Acquire a Professional Degree

Creativity, too, is an acquired skill. Fortunately, a certificate course can equip you with it.

Most advertising graphic designers hold bachelor’s degrees in a relevant field, such as graphic design, advertising design, fine arts, or marketing. Prominent institutes like Pearl Academy offer courses that help you develop a personal and visual vocabulary through form, proportion, image and typography.

Having a certificate in advertising graphic designing course demonstrates your interest in and dedication to this field, which can help employers see you as a strong candidate.  

  1. Entry-level Experience

After completing your advertising graphics design course, you should think about getting an internship to collaborate with seasoned designers in a realistic environment. Any relevant experience, whether from part- or full-time work, can help you build a solid resume and design portfolio.

Remember that advertising graphic designers require knowing how advertising works and basic graphic design skills. So internships, where you can collaborate closely with marketing and advertising teams, can help a ton.

  1. Build a Strong Portfolio

Many clients base their decision to hire an advertisement graphic designer on their portfolio. Potential clients use it to learn more about graphic designers’ abilities and skills. You can compile your best designs, artwork, and content curation from the projects you have completed in a portfolio as an advertising graphic designer.

A few things you should keep in mind while building a portfolio are:

  • Put your most relevant and strongest work at the forefront
  • Create original layouts and mockups, making sure they are incredibly realistic.
  • Create some work that aligns with a job you’re pursuing

Becoming an advertising graphic designer is not easy, but it is not impossible. To become an influential and effective advertising graphics designer requires years of experience, expertise and guidance. 

In The End

If you want to become an advertisement graphic designer, the first step for you is to enroll in a course. Many premier institutions like PearlXStudio offer advertising and graphic design courses that you can enroll in to gain practical skills and specialized knowledge about visual design techniques, software applications, and software expertise. DO your research and know more about Graphic Design courses today!